27 March 2011

Jaga Selalu Hatimu - Seventeen

one of my fav indon band, seventeen. they produced lots of hits [Untuk Mencintaimu, Selalu Mengalah etc..] n i luv most of their songs but dis particular track 'Jaga Selalu Hatimu' gotten me so bad, the music arrangement is kinda weird but interesting, the music tempo owez changing frm the intro 2 the chorus 2 the solo n towards the end n i think dats wat makes it difren frm d other indon pop songs. the lyric is beautiful as well, very meaningful, it tells a story bout distant lovers, askin 4 d other half 2 wait 4 him/her. 4 me the best part of the lyric is the phrase 'kau jaga selalu hatimu, saat jauh dariku, tunggu aku kembali' [you, take a good care of ur heart when u r far away frm me, wait 4 me] : i think the songwriter is tryin 2 use a metaphor here when he said 'take care of ur heart' wat he really meant was 'dnt call up or text me juz 2 get mad at me, u hv 2 trust me even if we r so far away frm each other n dnt fall 4 any guys while i'm not there' but in a symbolic n sweet way he juz use the phrase 'jaga selalu hatimu' hehehe... but anyway, i may get it the wrong way but dat is my own interpretation of dis song ;B

guyz, enjoy the song ya..!!

lots of luv,


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