12 December 2011

Longing - Yoon Hwa Jae In

a very sentimental n heartbreaking korean ballad from Yoon Hwa Jae In, this song is one of the soundtracks in the korean drama The Princess' Man. i'm really sorry but i cudnt find the romanized lyrics of this song but i did manage 2 find the english translation however ;B

these trembling tears were just for one person
was it you, who turned back and smile?
how can you erase the memories
of you holding my hesitating heart?

*is it too late? is it? am i not there?
are you erasing the memories, washing it away with tears?

**this love that was nailed to my heart
instead of telling me to be happy
you, who only loved me, is dying

because of this lingering attachment that remains like a scar
i can't even breathe, what do i do?



the past time is tingling
no matter how much i cry, i can't touch you
though my love, my heart is burningly calling out to you
i love you, i love you, are you listening?
what do i do about my heart that loves so much? i don't know
this love that was nailed to my heart
instead of telling me to be happy
my heart that only loved you is dying
i live just with the one nail in my heart

enjoy dis sweet sentimental ballad guyz.. ;B

lots of luv,

[ link 2 dis song : ]

p/s : life is hard n luv is complicated but dun wori, no matter hw bad the situation is, u'll get over it someday ;B

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