04 December 2011

Mr. Know It All - Kelly Clarkson

2 b honest, at 1st i ddnt recognize the singer of this song, it do sounds like kelly but a lil bit difren but anyway i do luv it, the lyrics r very energizing n motivating, surely no one knws u better than urself so i totally agree with the lyrics ;B

my fav part of the lyrics..

can't nobody tell me how its gonna be
nobody's gonna make a fool out of me
baby, you should know that i lead, not follow

enjoy the song guyz!! ;B

lots of luv,

p/s : its easier 2 say yes n its hard 2 say no but it is even harder 2 explain the reason y u r sayin no coz some ppl juz dnt get it..they think they knw it all.. -.-"

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