03 December 2011

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

i am back, yeah i know its been awhile, i've been very busy lately, occupied with works n some stuffs here n there etc... so to make it short, actually i'm a lil bit bored right now so i decided 2 do a lil bit of blogging b4 things bcome more hectic later by the end of this month..

anyway, as u can c the first song i wud like 2 blog about is frm Christina Perri entitled A Thousand Years. it is one of the movie soundtrack for the 1st part of Twilight : Breaking Dawn. i've watched the movie with my buddies recently n yes it was quite fun n entertaining, cant wait to c the 2nd part of it premiering maybe next year if i'm not mistaken..

talking bout the song, the lyrics are beautifully written but somehow illogical when it comes 2 reality coz definitely no one can live up to 1000 years except for immortals so it is only relevant 2 the love story of bella n edward since they r both vampires n can live as long as they wan 2..

actually its very hard 2 relate 2 this song coz personally, 4 me, i wudnt want to die waiting 4 a lover for a thousand years, forget a thousand years, i cant even wait for 1 month n i knw some of u guyz out there cant even wait for 2 weeks hehe.. ;B [T & C apply]

but anyway, i still luv the song coz the melody is so damn charming n enchanting, listening to it makes u forget the reality for a moment n brings u 2 the fantasy world of bella & edward (especially the wedding scene) [Ref : read the lyrics...]

anyway, this is my fav part of the lyrics...

heartbeats fast
colours and promises
how to be brave
how can i love
when i'm afraid to fall...

enjoy the song guyz..

lots of luv,

p/s : double thumbs up 2 christina perri for the superb amazing voice ;B

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