18 December 2011

First Love - Adele

yup dis is another no frm adele n also one of my all-time fav luv song, its kinda personal 2 me, i can easily relate 2 it, well evry1 has their own 1st luv but 4 me each luv tastes juz like the 1st one, the feeling, the heartbeat, the excitement, everything is the same, only the person is difren ;B

my fav part of the lyrics...

Forgive me first love, but I'm tired.
I need to get away to feel again.
Try to understand why,
don't get so close to change my mind.
Please wipe that look out of your eyes,
it's bribing me to doubt myself;
Simply, it's tiring..

peeps, lets walk down the memory lane with this song... ;B

lots of luv,

[ link 2 dis song : ]

p/s : the first cut is the deepest, n so do the last cut, the first cut leaves a scar, the last cut tear-off that old scar, make it bleeds again but this time u r oredi immune n get used with the suffering, dats y it is less painful..

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