08 December 2011

In Another Life - The Veronicas

dis is currently the ringtone dat i assigned 4 my incoming msg, n i oso found dis song in my memory card [refer 2 my earlier post 4 dancing - elisa]. its a very sad song, i'm not sure if it is written by one of the twins in the veronicas coz it sounds very personal 2 them/one of them, if it is then dat wud b heartbreaking, life's changed a lot when u bcome a celeb, lots of things u hv 2 sacrifice so myb dats y she cudnt continue the relationship i guess..

anyway, here goes my fav part of the lyrics...

i know i said that i would keep my word
i wished that i could save you from the hurt
but things will never go back to how we were
i'm sorry i can't be your world...

enjoy the song guyz ;B

lots of luv,

[ link 2 dis song : ]

p/s : wondering if there is really another life after dis..?

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