08 December 2011

Until The Last Moment - Yanni

the title attracted me 2 listen 2 dis piece n yes the melody was very beautiful indeed, n yet another addition 2 the list of my fav musicians of all time : Yanni ^.^

his real name is Yiannis Hrysomallis, born on nov 14, 1954. he's a greek n a self-taught pianist [he nvr received a formal edu/training in music n he cudnt even read musical notes - man.. dats quite impressive]. dis is his 1st masterpiece dat i've listened 2, still googlin' 4 some more, wil blog more of his later.. in the meantime, enjoy the music guyz!! ;B

lots of luv,

[ link 2 dis song : ]

p/s : if only i cud learn hw 2 play the piano...

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