04 December 2011

You And I - Lady Gaga

damn i really love dis song, my best buddy introduce dis song 2 me last month n i immediately fell madly in luv wit it the 1st time i listen 2 it, i ddnt really get the meaning of the whole lyrics but 2 conclude, i think whoever wrote this song (lady gaga or anyone else) is definitely totally drunk when writing the lyrics, its all messed-up but still my fav no frm Gaga apart frm her other hits - just dance, poker face, bad romance, telephone, born this way, the edge of glory & paparazzi.. ;B

my fav part of the lyrics...

its been a long time since i came around
been a long time but i'm back in town
this time i'm not leaving without you...

lets get drunk n sing dis song guyz heeeeeeeeee.... juz kiddin' ;B

lots of luv,

p/s : i hv an alter ego named Athenzo Mikhael... ;B

1 comment:

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